Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rockin' Robin Completed!

I am so tired. This is the problem when the sun comes out after a couple of rainy weeks-we don't know when to say when. Everything outside seems like a great idea! Lets wash your car, mom! Jump on the trampoline, mom! BBQ hotdogs for lunch, mom! Lets drive into town, get ice cream and take it down to Ruth Pond, Mom! Lets swim, mom (it was 68 degrees, after all)! Yeah, dad's home from work! Lets go pick blueberries, mom!

It is now 9 p.m., very light out, and I can hear the neighbor kids jumping on their trampoline. My own little monsters are coming up with every excuse as to why they aren't quite ready for bed. Even the baby keeps misplacing her paci.
But I digress... The reason I hopped on my computer was to share my finished Rockin' Robin quilt top! Yippee! I still want to put a border around it. I'm thinking I will put some hexagons on the corners. But right now, I am too tired. My face is burnt, my baby is crying and I have a new bag pattern I'm itching to try. Now where is that damn pacifier...


Carolyn said...

Hi Jen I am your Christmas swap partner. Nice to met you. You live in a beautiful State. I live in Georgia and am really looking foward to getting to know you and swapping. Christmas fabric is my favorite fabric.
Carolyn Goddard

Carolyn said...

I tried to email you but it was sent back to me.