Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."

Finished "One of everything bag"
Well, it's over. I go back to school tomorrow morning. I had to squeeze in one last summer sewing project before the hectic days of school take over. Don't get me wrong-I'll still sew in the winter. I just don't have the same amount of free time. I finished up AMH's "I'll take one of everything bag" last night. It was really fun to make and I love how it turned out.

Close up of the braided fabric straps. 

I do believe that I will now make a quilt sandwich of Rudy's turtle quilt and start quilting it. I am trying to decide if I feel brave enough to drop my feed dogs and just do some swirls, or if I should stay with my tried and true diagonal lines/quilting foot method. I'll have to practice some swirls, because that seems to be where my daydreams take me.

Another flower...
I am grateful for today's rainy weather, as it gives me an excuse to hunker down, finish the laundry and prepare for tomorrow's work day. I think today's challenge will be to see who stays in their pajamas the longest. Usually Rudy wins.

My friend Noelle brought back the book "Block Party" from her summer vacation and has been inspired to start our own little block party to get us through the winter. I am really excited about this! I'll add a page to my blog once we are up and running.

A few days ago we had a couple of those ridiculously warm and sunny summer days that only Valdez can seem to produce. It was an appropriate ending to our very long and relaxing summer. We filled our makeshift pool with icy water, donned our suits and splashed away.

Yup. Nice and warm.

"Let me see how cold it really is!"

Not really into getting soaked, but loves wearing her suit.

Little baby footprints...

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