Saturday, July 23, 2011

RRQA week 3, Little Houses and Scattered Thoughts. Oh My.

This week has been crazy busy! Yikes! Thank goodness for weekends. The scary part? I don't even work in the summer! Does anyone else find themselves day dreaming about fabrics and blocks through out the day? My brain always seems so scattered, scattered, scattered. I apologize if this post mirrors my brain!

Week three in the Rockin' Robin Quilt- Along is a continuation of the awesomeness that started 3 weeks ago. Houses! Cute, little houses. Just like the one I live in (I am referring to the little part). 

Melissa at Lilac Lane said " The whole time I was sewing this row, I could hear, "Love grows best in little houses . . ." in my head". I immediatley related because my house is little (very, very little). It was perfectly cute and adorable when I was a young newlywed. It was our first home together, situated on 3 acres of unruly cottonwood trees and alders. We cleared the lot by hand and it took an entire summer. Ten years and 3 children later, we are getting ready to transition into our work in progress, bigger home. I am naturally excited, as the kids will have more space and I will have a sewing room. But the move is also bittersweet. I always felt a little "house on the prairie" in our trailer. All of us, in one room, talking, laughing, sewing, reading... I hope we don't lose that in our bigger space. All these thoughts were triggered by a quilt block! See? Scattered, scattered, scattered.

Keeping with the "all over the darn place" theme, I had to stop sewing my little houses in order to replace my beloved ANM multi-tasker tote. After a year of daily use and abuse, it was showing signs of wear. That, and I HAD to have one in her new Lou Lou thi line. Someone stop me.

And I can't think about my new tote (love) without sharing my excitement about her new needlworks collection, now available! I really want to try hand quilting. Her colors match the turtle quilt perfectly. I'm sure that's another sign, right?

One more thing... A picture of my quilt row was featured on the Gen X quilters site! I am so darn excited! In case you were curious, it is the picture in the middle.

Also, a quick update on the Batcave saga:

The Batcave is still under siege! Lego minifigures have taken over and Batman is nowhere to be found. I have  lost my kitchen/sewing table in the war between Lego and Imaginex. 


MulticoloredPieces said...

Just stopped in from Quilting Bloggers to say "Hi" from Tunisia. I enjoyed your blog. Wow, homesteading in Alaska! Of course, I kind of did the same thing on a Tunisian farm--warmer, however! Close to 100F. today. Think I'll go stick my head in the freezer! Happy quilting!
best, nadia

Connie said...

Hi from Iowa, I found you from the Quilting Bloggers list too. Scattered thoughts.....I think most quilters live, and dream thinking about quilting....I know I do. Nice blog and enjoyed your Robin Quilt A Long.