Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's the most (insert your fav adjective) time of the year...

I got married on November 25, 2000. We had originally planned a spring wedding, but I couldn't picture myself getting married in spring. I love this time of year. We have a few feet of snow on the ground, and as I glance out my window, I can see the chickadees digging their way into the feeder. It so peaceful outside. I live for these Sunday mornings.

My plan for today is to dig my snowshoes out of the shed and check out the trails behind my house. We have a ski conversion kit for our stroller, so I tow little Carly behind me while the older kids come with. Quite often, they end up hitching a ride on either side of the stroller. We never venture too far from home.

I also want to make a Christmas sewing list. I have some great ideas, but I know Christmas always sneaks up faster than I'm ready for. 

I have been playing around with Anna Maria Horner's new pattern, the student art tote, in the evenings. I finished it, but didn't like how the middle divider turned out. So I went to the Calico Whale, found some fabric that was absolutely perfect, and redid the lining with the divider. I think it will be a great entry for the Celebrate Color contest. Too bad you can't feel how soft the outer panels are! Perfect bag for this time of year...

Student Art Tote with new lining. Second time was most certainly the charm!

Outside of the tote. I used denim zippers and upholstery fabric for the outer panels.
 I realize that this would have been one of those times that I should have used muslin for my first attempt. Perhaps I should invest in some serious yardage. I have been experimenting with projects more and more lately. I want to venture into clothing, and I found the most beautiful, inspirational book last week.

Kay Whitt is a teacher turned designer, and her book, Sew Serendipity, is wonderful. I am still carrying it around with me. She also has a blog that I have been visiting lately.

If I could live in her clothing, I would. I love her eye for color, and how she mixes fabric prints. 


Anonymous said...

Cute bag! I really need to get down the street to check out your pattern collection.

Karen Frye said...

Oh Jenny, I remember what a beautiful bride you were and how handsome your Scott was, and both of you have grown into a beautiful couple. I love seeing you take steps out of the box with your sewing and quilting. You can teach yourself to sew clothing, you mom did and so did I. Just jump in and have fun. Love this blog.