Friday, July 29, 2011

Rockin' Robin Week 4...and oh, my daughter is no longer a baby?

I was doubting myself. I had my seam ripper front and center, and my hands were questioning my brain as I turned my perfectly square block and sliced a weird angle off the edge. I mentioned that I was controlling, right? Apparently I like order, as well. But something in my head was screaming "WONKY!" "Make em' WONKY, girl!"
Slice. Slice. And...Slice. I held up my now crooked square and figured I could always rip that last edge off and square it up again. As I finished my last three blocks, I laid them out. Perfectly square.


I looked at my wonky block.

Back to my square blocks...

Must. Make. Wonky!

I feel like this momentary lapse in sanity has resulted in a pretty cool row. Insanity, 1. Brain, 0. 

And when the H-E-Double hockeysticks did my 8-year-old quit being my baby? Am I going to be freaking out on the inside and calmly smiling on the outside for the rest of my life? What was so wrong with the whole "tallest tower" concept? I know, I know... They have to grow up sometime. I think I'll reschedule it for next summer.

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Cherry Red Quilter said...

Loving the wonky blocks and nevermind - the will alsways be your babies - they just stop crawling and drooling!