Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I have a house. I've always had a wonderful place to live, but now I. Have. A. House. With stairs and a studio. I'm still as busy as ever, but home is such a wonderful place that you have no choice but to stop and take it all in. I sew when I can. It never seems like enough, until I look back at the photos I take before I give things away.
Apparently, I sew a lot.
I've noticed that even with a studio, I love nothing more than to curl up with the family and hand stitch something. Anything. Usually some silly cross stitch. Or a simple crocheted afghan. I think it is the intimacy I have with the fabric and thread when I push the needle through with my own fingers.
I'm not really sure why I have this passion, but it seems to gain in strength as I grow in numbers. I am extremely thankful to have a hobby that drives me. That has me sketching in my journal when I have a peaceful moment at work. That keeps my purse full of floss and needles and little scissors.
It is snowing like crazy outside, and I must shovel before it turns to rain and makes a big, heavy mess.
And then, I shall sew.

An adorable stocking from
Table runner in proces...

Minecraft diamond necklace. For my cool son.

A quilt for an uncle.
 I might have made more than one. Because, well, how cute is this?

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