Saturday, October 29, 2011

MItered Corners and All...

I think the brakes in my life just went out. The days are flying by and I don't like it. I can't seem to find the time to, well, just breath. Let alone sew. Which is what I really want to do. I would love to finish my Halloween table runner in order to use it some time before, oh, I don't know, HALLOWEEN? Is that too much to ask?

I did knock out my first mitered corner this weekend. Yup. One whole corner. I had to watch a You Tube tutorial 3 times before I figured it out. But-I did it.

I have since found the time to finish all four corners and  am getting ready to quilt. I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm hoping to sew a little this weekend.
I also discovered this really cool fabric from Micheal Miller. Look at those cute scissors! And buttons for the eyes! Might I say that this man is a genious? Quilt Pirates....Naturally I ordered a few yards, as I have several projects that need some 'tude.

This fabric makes me feel like the kick ass quilter I am. At least the one I think I am. Or want to be. Whatever.

I do so love this time of year, however. Check out my super awesome earrings and necklace! They were handmade by my amazingly talented friend Lisa. I may end up wearing my witch year round as it makes me feel a little like the pirate fabric-kick ass.

My kiddos are prepping for Halloween-which is almost better than the actual holiday. Samantha has been running around with a sword and an eyepatch all week, Rudy is a furry blue monster-complete with giant pink tongue, and Carly is rockin' Samantha's chubby spider costume. The very same costume Sam trick-or-treated in with my mom 6 years ago.

Everytime I see my Carly run by with the little spider legs dangling, I think of that Halloween, and wonder how it is possible to feel so much love and sadness all at the same time. I know life isn't fair, and that no matter what, it goes on. But for just one second, I would like to stop and show my mom her youngest grandaughter all dressed up as a little spider.

Samantha and Grandma Bonnie, 2004


vdzlibrarian said...

Wonderful entry Jen. Keep em coming when you have time to breath, (let alone blog). Love your style! Enjoy the family, the sewing, the friendships and memories. I know this is one of your favorite times of the year. Big hugs! See you in less than a month.

Rowan Miller said...

I do miss Lisa.