Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh man, do I need help...

I've had it. I am so frustrated right now! Nothing I sew is turning out, my weekends are too short, and it is STILL RAINING. I know, I know... The sun came out yesterday for most of the morning and afternoon, but I'd rather rant and rave like Oscar the Grouch. So there. But it was really pretty...

The sun burning off the fog at the end of our driveway
Here's the deal. I need help. I'm trying to make AMH's Pedal Pusher pillow. It took me forever and a day to cut all the pieces. This is due to the fact that I can't really start cutting until my day is quiet (dinner is done, kids are washed and in bed, and all the crap for the next day is set out nice and orderly). At this point, my brain is usually fried. Anyway, I have checked and double checked all my cut pieces, and they seem fine.

When I started sewing them together, the trouble began. How the hell do you sew curves? I've pinned like crazy, but I can't seem to get things lined up. My first attempt was sad, sad, sad. I pulled seams and tried again. Same result. I'm ending up a quarter to a half inch off when I'm done! Why?! Look at this hot mess:

So...This was my September project for Celebrate Color. I really wanted to finish it, but I'm thinking that may not happen. Does anyone out there know how to help me? Please? Back in the day I would pack up the whole mess, go to my mom's house, pour a drink and get all the guidance in the world. I think this is why I'm even more frustrated. Not only am I not figuring out my pillow, but my mom's absence becomes glaringly obvious, and that does not help anything. Sigh.

Last night I needed to relax and find my sewing mojo. It was a matter of life and death. OK. I'm being a little dramatic. But still. I just got my ebay order of boxer elastic (who new it existed?), so I looked up this super awesome tutorial and a couple hours later I had the coolest iPod case/armband ever. I LOVE it. And I really love that I didn't screw it up.

I've been so obsessed with trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong, that my children have taken extreme measures to get my attention. They really don't need to, as we live in 900 square feet of space and they are pretty much always within a few feet of me. Yet, this still happens. A lot.

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