Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm not sure what happened...

Somehow my son is a solid 3 and getting ready for preschool. My daughter is 6 and loving first grade and her teacher. My children amaze me several times a day, and make me laugh several times more. In an attempt to capture all those little moments that slip by, I am going to try blogging. I seem to spend what little free time I have on my computer, so I figured I'd try a blog.

I have no problem documenting the big things. The "milestones" that every album is stuffed with. Birthdays, holidays, graduations and vacations. What I am missing are the days in between. The days leading up to the big events are what makes us the family we are today.

My husband always jokes that he is not the "big event" kind of guy. He'd rather go for a walk after dinner than pack up and go camping for the weekend. He spends his lunch hour riding bikes with our son, Rudy. He spends hours in the garage with Samantha, building her BMX bike from scratch.

We feed the birds and the squirrels, and we have garden overflowing with radishes, carrots, rhubarb and snap peas. I want to remember all this, when the days are hectic and crazy. I want to remember all this, when I am older and playing with my grandchildren. I want to remember the bubble-baths, the play-doh, the laundry room forts and footy-pajamas.

Now I just have to remember to find the time to maintain this between all the memories!

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Rebecca said...

The small stuff is when life happens and you captured just a few snippets of your life and I can't wait to read more!